John Deere vol 11




The Big John Deere volume 11 is another film about big John Deere tractors and machinery that are used in different parts of the world all year round.

When we filmed down under in Australia we went to the Riverina area, which is an agricultural region of the south western area of New South Wales. It is a place of large flat plains and a warm to hot climate with an ample supply of water for irrigation.

When the Europeans settled there in the mid- 19th century, it was a pastoral region which provided wool and beef for markets in Australia and abroad. In the 20th century the development of the big irrigation areas in the Murray and Murrumbidgee valleys, led to the introduction of new crops such as Rice and Grapes.

The man responsible for bringing water to the Riverina area was known as “The man from Ballymena”, Sam McCaughey and he is credited with major developments in both the irrigation and wool industries, in the Riverina and across Australia.

As you will see in the film, we visited a number of farmers in that area and recorded the different ways they go about their daily work in the various seasons, with their Big John Deere’s.

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