John Deere vol 6


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Welcome to the sixth edition of the “Big John Deere” volume 6, where we start of
cutting maze near Seaforde in Co. Down for Noel Kane from Kane Trailers. He
called in the services of local Agri contractors John Dan O’Hare.

We then move to the Farrelly Bros in Co. Meath, to a willow cutting
demonstration, and these men don’t do things by half. They invited farmers from
all over Ireland to attend.

After leaving the Farrelly Bros in Co. Meath it’s off to Canada to see 5 big
John Deere tractors digging potatoes in a field, then taking them back to the
cool houses by a lorry. Moving on down to Alberta, near Medicine Hat, to see a
team of John Deere combines at work in the vast wheat fields. Two big massive
tractors and chaserbins bring it over to the big Kenworth lorry with two
trailers that then take it back to the grain terminals at the farm.

Back in Ireland again, in Co. Armagh, it is too wet to do any cutting, so they
call John Dan O’Hare in Co. Down. He told them to come on over as the weather is
good there, and he was sending a team of John Deere’s out to cut the grass for a
local farmer. He also sent the big Krone and 4 John Deere’s with mowers, “what a
sight to see”!

This is only a small sample of the sights to see in the new volume of the “Big
John Deere Volume 6”