Australia vol 2



After the very successful “Farming in Australia” DVD vol 1, now follows “Farming in Australia” vol 2, which tells the story about how the farmers use the Aeroplane’s called “Air Tractors” which is also a new way forward in the 21st century when they are sowing “Wheat, Urea,  Rice and and different crops over the irrigation areas that cant be used by Tractors and this includes spraying etc it also is  quite an expensive way to do this but it is also very quick.

In what was a very hot year in Australia proved to be a tough year for farmers and some of the farmers and the staff from Thomson Aviation took the time to explain all about their every day work getting out to the farmers who have little small runways all around the Riverinia area in New South Wales.

They also tell us about another side to there business known as Geophysical survey a new area the moved into a few years back when farming was quiet, these Ag pilots as the are known have a very difficult job as they fly so near to the ground and many have been killed at work and they work to very strict aviation rules.

Another job that is done from the air is the cattle mustering with the pilots from Riverinia Helicopters and the also spray the crops as well, we will also see them harvest the rice and wheat with the different combines.

Thanks for watching this DVD and hope you enjoy it