farming in australia vol 1



Farming in Australia
Australia’s farming is very diverse and across massive area, said to be over 4 million square kilometres
Australian farmers produce enough food to feed 60 million people. Australia’s population is just over 23 million
Some of Australia’s largest exports are wheat, beef, wool, wine, dairy, barley, lamb and cotton.
In 2013 Australia had over 360 Cotton farmers. One of these is the Stott family in Riverina Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in southern New South Wales growing 2,500 acres.
The Stott family, farms around 5000 acres in total and also grow wheat, sorghum, sunflowers, almonds, grapes and pop corn.
This video will feature the Stott family farming enterprise in Australia. Meet Richard the father and 2nd generation farmer and his 2 sons Mat and Andrew both 3rd generation farmers.
The Stott family are avid John Deere farmers and drive their machinery hard and fast, having to cover large areas in a short seasonal time frame. Also featuring is the nearby new Southern Cotton gin.

This video was filmed in the wonderful irrigation foodbowl of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area where the clean mountain water comes down by Murrumbidgee River