The Gathering




In 2013, “The Year of the Gathering”, people from all over the world came back to Ireland, to celebrate their Irish family roots and gather up important memories from our heritage and traditions. One of the biggest events of of that year was The Fingal Vintage Show at the Hoey family farm at Lusk near Dublin. The Fingal Show Committee put on a vintage machinery spectacular, which included lorries, cars, tractors and farm machinery from days gone by and this was captured on film for this DVD, so that children now and in days to come can have a record of this important part of our history.

Most of the vehicles were perfectly restored by their owners, who have worked with them over the years or have fond memories from their childhood. This DVD provides a unique record of rural Ireland through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We see the change from working with horses and steam engines to the tractors and lorries and all the other implements and equipment that replaced them. This in turn created a lot employment in the manufacturing industry that made all the different types of machinery to help people at their work. It was a time when everyone went happily to their work in construction and farming. The women found employment in the factories as well as rearing families. Many worked in the fields when they came home after a hard day in the factory.

The large selection of lorries and buses that were used in everyday life will evoke nostalgia among those old enough to remember and a fascination among the young. The display of the latest modern machinery that is used in the fields today brings excitement to all ages. With the weather good a great day was had by all the families that attended and will leave many lasting memories for years to come.

We would like to thank the hard working Fingal Vintage Committee for their hearty welcome and a job well done.