Power of the Plough




Ploughing has been man’s preferred way of cultivation the land for thousands of years. Every year, the town of Epworth celebrates this history with the ‘Festival of the Plough’ which attracts ploughmen and enthusiasts from all over the UK. Teams of horses, vintage tractors and steam ploughing engines are given the opportunity to demonstrate the power of the plough. This video features the best of that event and combines it with archive film of ploughing horses and machinery hard at work on farms as far back as the 1930s.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of more than a dozen pairs of working shire horses, a range of vintage tractors, including little garden machines, the strange twin-engined Doe Triple-D, a rare 1930s Fowler 440 Crawler and several Turner ‘Yeoman of England’ machines, and finally a gigantic pair of Fowler steam ploughing engines. Also features an all-Marshall steam threshing set hard at work