Around Europe with the Big Fendt




Welcome to this new Fendt DVD that takes us on a journey around Europe with some of the big Fendt tractors and shows them at work in the different farms around Germany, Scotland and Ireland.

From spreading slurry with big 25000 litre tankers to discing, sowing and ploughing in North and Eastern Germany as well as cutting Maize and sugar beet and how they work in everyday life in the country where the big Fendt is made.

Then it’s over to Scotland where they are also popular up around the Aberdeenshire area where we see them ploughing and sowing the crops, cutting the barley to baleing straw. We also meet the men who plant and dig the potatoes and also see one of the biggest drills in the country 28 metres wide in action.

We then cross to Ireland to see some Fendts in action with a baler and bale chaser in one of the biggest fields, all 365 acres of it in Co. Meath! We also see the new black Fendt 930 cutting grass in Co. Tyrone.

We hope that you enjoy this film which is filled with commentary, music and some lovely moving pictures.